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Fast spaced tabletop board game
for multiple challenges.

Fast spaced

Blink and you may get behind!

Sling is an extremely fast-paced arcade game where everyone gets into the spirit of competition, laughing while trying to win the game. Be the fastest, be the most accurate.



Sling is easy to learn and play.

Use your fingers to shoot the discs through the hole and into the opponent’s zone. Once you’ve shot them all, hit the lock above the gate and claim victory!

No stopping

Once it starts, there is no pause!

There’s no stopping in Sling, once the game starts there’s no break. This two-person duel game can be played in several ways. Whether it’s a fun shootout or a slower, more tactical way.


There can be only one!

How beautiful friendship is, but not in Sling!
Defeat your friends in this fast-paced arcade game. Only one person can win in the end, so make it you.

What is this game?

Sling is an insane flicking tabletop game for you and your friends. Players try to shoot all of their discs the opposing side, hit the lock and claim victory.

Two modes, beside the classic:
a quickplay mode and a much slower but more precision-intensive thinking game mode.

Who is Sling for?

For family, friends or anyone who likes fast and fun skill games.

  • A fast paced game for the family
  • An exciting duel for friends
  • A party game for buddies
  • Fun play for small kids



Sling Bronze Set

Sling is for everyone!

Looking for a fast paced game to play a duel against friends?
Look no further, with Sling you get just like that. Be fast, be accurate,
be the first to shoot the discs into the opponent’s zone!