Crokinole Elite

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with a unique inlaid board and premium quality.

Crokinole Exclusive

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with custom board graphics and premium quality.

Crokinole Tournament

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, in a wide range of color combinations and premium quality.

Crokinole Mini

A Crokinole that is smaller than the international tournament standards, in 3 different colors, with proportionally smaller discs.


Sling is a fast-paced flicking table game in which players try to shoot all their discs to the opponent’s side.


Carrom is like a kind of billiards played with fingers. Try to flick the discs into the corner holes and score extra points by capturing the red disc (queen)


Pitrush is a crazy flicking game for the whole family. Players flick small wooden discs to try and take as many pits as possible from their fellow players.

Shake your party up with 5-min long matches on a handcrafted, wooden board game without spending hours to setup and learn the rules

If you love competition, you can be the Queen / King of the Sling game!

Have you ever had these thoughts?

You don’t need a game where a lot of people plays in rounds

With many people to play, it takes a lifetime to get back to you in the next round.

Because of this your attention might wander to the quicker, 2-player games, because with they have faster gameplays, plus cheering for the palyers are extremely fun as well (until you wait for your turn).

You don’t want to put a ‘Settlers of Catan’-clone on the table when guest come over

If you have a thinking-strategizing game, that’s good for a longer playing time, but for an afternoon garden party, that’s a party killer.

With that in mind, you can purposefully search for quicker and easier games.

You know luck always favors the others, and adults have an advantage in strategic games over kids

A 5-15 year old kid doesn’t have enough experience to have the odds of Black Jack at his/her fingertips.

If you want to enjoy the game together with your kids, you should search dexterity-based games.

The best way to spice up the mood on a family- or a neighborhood gathering is to have fast and exciting games

For this, you must buy these games wisely (and trust your own judgement). Plus you know, that these games are not cheap, but quality has its price.

But if you choose your new games carefully and thoughtfully, you will become the engine of the party. And the truth is, you do not need another silly card game for that, but something more quick, more rapid.

That’s the reason why our Sling game is your perfect match:

  • game rules are only 6 sentences,
  • you can set up and put it away in 60 sec, and
  • you can make coffee, and before it is finished, you already played a Sling round!

It is awfully hard to find a quicker and easier game than Sling.

Be the engine of the party who knows how to bring the fun to the table with a quick and exciting board game, the Sling

The Sling is a 2-player tabletop slingshot game. Both players get 7-7 discs, and they have to shoot them to the other half of the table through a one-inch wide hole.

You win if your space doesn’t contain any discs and you slap the closing door of the hole in the middle.

You might think ‘it’s easy peasy’, but winning can be shockingly hard. If you shoot a disc from a fraction of an inch away from the ideal spot, you miss the hole.

Are you precise enough to be the Queen or King is Sling at your party?

A reward for the thoughtful: features of Sling

Here are some important features for conscious game-finders like you:

It is a dexterity based game

The table does not contain any signs to help you to aim the discs. You must rely on your hand-eye coordination. Noone will get any advantages from tactics or quick Math skills.

One match is 3-15 mins

You don’t have to wait for the other palyer with your shots! There are no strict order of players or rounds. The length of a match depends only on your dexterity. This ensures that everybody pays attention and there is no idle time.

It takes 60 sec to set up and take away

You get your Sling assembled, so you only heva to get it from your cupboard when you need it and BAMM! It’s done. Plus you don’t have to rearrange half of your house to make room for the game, and at the end you just simply put it back to the cupboard to make room e.g. the dessert.

It has only 6 rules

You can learn the rules in 5 minutes. Even the new players can do this, they don’t have to learn it on the fly, because that’s just frustrating.

Accept the amusement of the players with a big smile on your face

Imagine this: on the afternoon your sis comes over with her family for a small family party.

All of us knows how these events start.

Guests arrive, the food they brought goes in the fridge, welcome drinks served up and go down, then somebody casually throws in that you could play something.

With the kids, of course.

So you need to find a game that all of you would enjoy, the adults don’t get bored, but you are not world champions in it (compared to the kids).

You are standing in front of your boardgames for 10 long minutes, more puzzled than you would admit.

Finally you just grab something and say ‘at least the kids should have fun’.

A few days later a friend of yours send you a link about a wooden board game and she says:

you’re a whacko if you don’t get this immediately’.

You open the link, and see a quick, exciting and easy-to-learn dexterity game. You start to visualize that on your next family party you will have the biggest battles of your lifetime, but that’s not what fills your mind.

In your mind you are already months ahead.

In your family everybody talks about your awesome game and they keep asking you how you find these brilliant stuff.

Beacuse you truly know how to bring the fun to the table.

Meanwhile you just sit there, smile and say a little prayer that you bought the Sling a few months ago.

‘Why should I trust you?’

Hi there, I’m Peter, and I make handcrafted wooden games since 2012. With my small team in Hungary, we cut, polish, decorate, and control the quality of the games that people buy.

People, who love excitement, quick fun.

People like you.

You have 97 years of warranty on your Sling game

We create timeless fun. This is why we guarantee that your Sling board will be playable for a century. We repair or replace your board if any manufacturing fault is noticed.

Here are some stories from our previous buyers

It is perfect. Fun, beautiful, well-made and elegant…it is spectacular! We take it to coffee shops to play and we are constantly approached by people who want to know all about it. I have actually saved your website info on my phone so I can shoot it to them. 🙂

I wanted a beautiful and unusual game for my husband for our anniversary and it is perfect!

Now it's your turn: order your Sling game

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