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Woodestic Sling – Bronze Set

This is what you get in your Bronze Set!

One genuine Woodestic Sling board
with 2 set of 7 Sling discs plus 2×1 spare Sling discs
Crokinole Rule Book (English)
Game Rules
Red Sling
Disc Set
Natural Sling
Disc Set
Gliss Powder
90 gr
Spare Sling
Spare Sling
Shooting rubber

Bronze Set guarantees

30-day trial

Try out Sling for as long as a month and if you don’t like it, let us know sooner than 30 days from arrival of your package. We will pay your money back.

97-year lifetime

We create timeless fun. This is why we guarantee that your Sling board will be playable for a century. We repair or replace your board if manufacturing fault is noticed.
Two guarantees are included in the price of the Bronze set. We take all the risk, you get all the joy!
Your guarantees are activated with your order, no registration is required. For more details on guarantees click HERE!

Woodestic Sling Bronze Set

We believe that a wooden board game should be more than just a great game to play. It also should be a fine craftsmanship as well as a beautiful thing to your eyes.
To create Woodestic Sling boards we use a fine selection of birch plywood and marinate it to five different colors – not only to give you the freedom of choice, but to bring out the grain of the wood in different ways. This is why every board is different and unique on its own.
For the best game experience while flicking the maple wood discs on the surface, several layers of lacquer is applied and the final layer is polished until high gloss. Use our gliss powder to ensure smooth sliding all the time.
The board and discs are essential but not all. Enjoy the full experience by choosing from several great accessories. To make your life easier we have already assembled three predefined sets for you: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

View Game Rules: EN | HU

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