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Woodestic Carrom – Silver Set

Colors seen in the pictures are only illustrations. Actuals colors may slightly differ from those seen here.

This is what you get in your Silver Set!

One genuine Woodestic Carrom board
with 1 red, 9 white, 9 black (+2 spare from each color) Carrom discs and 2 Carrom striker disc.

Crokinole Rule Book (English)

Game Rules

Red (Queen)
Carrom Disc


Striker Disc


Carrom Disc


Carrom Disc

Tournament Storage Box

Gliss Powder
90 gr

Linen Bag

Bumper Rubbering

Wax Set

Ergonomic Wooden Pen

Silver Set guarantees

30-day trial

Try out Carrom for as long as a month and if you don’t like it, let us know sooner than 30 days from arrival of your package. We will pay your money back.

97-year lifetime

We create timeless fun. This is why we guarantee that your Carrom board will be playable for a century. We repair or replace your board if manufacturing fault is noticed.

Vanish Scratches

After thousands of gameplays, microscopic scratches are inevitable to appear on the playing surface. Our scratch removing one-time service will furbish your board

Three guarantees are included in the price of the Bronze set. We take all the risk, you get all the joy!
Your guarantees are activated with your order, no registration is required. For more details on guarantees click HERE!

Carrom Bronze Set

Product description

The Carrom is a traditional Indian board game that requires a particular dexterity, making it a real pro’s game.

Compared to Crokinole and Pitrush, this swipe game has the longest track record and largest board size. Although it can and will be enjoyed by younger children with its simplified rules, this game is recommended for older children.

The game can take around half an hour to an hour to play, during which time concentration and well-aimed shots are essential. The basic rules are very simple, very similar to billiards at first sight, except that here you have to shoot discs (the Carrom men and the Queen) into holes in the corners of the court using a larger shooting disc. The well-developed little details of the rules and the necessary use of various swiping techniques end up making the game quite different from billiards.

Carrom court size: 74×74 cm (competition standard size)
Total board size: 88×88 cm

View Game Rules: EN | GER | HUN

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