Crokinole Elite

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with a unique inlaid board and premium quality.

Crokinole Exclusive

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, with custom board graphics and premium quality.

Crokinole Tournament

A Crokinole that meets the international tournament standards, in a wide range of color combinations and premium quality.

Crokinole Mini

A Crokinole that is smaller than the international tournament standards, in 3 different colors, with proportionally smaller discs.


Sling is a fast-paced flicking table game in which players try to shoot all their discs to the opponent’s side.


Carrom is like a kind of billiards played with fingers. Try to flick the discs into the corner holes and score extra points by capturing the red disc (queen)


Pitrush is a crazy flicking game for the whole family. Players flick small wooden discs to try and take as many pits as possible from their fellow players.

Crokinole Elite – Gold Set

Colors seen in the picture are only illustrations. Actual colors may slightly differ from those shown here!

This is what you get in your Gold Set!

One genuine Crokinole ELITE board
with 4 set of 12 Tournament discs plus 4×3 spare Tournament discs
Pair of cues
Crokinole Rule Book (English)
Game Rules
Carry Case
Disc Sets
Storage Box
Gliss Powder
90 gr
Gliss Powder Refill
90 gr
Bumper Rubbering
Wax Set
Bumper Rubbering
Wall Hanging Kit
Ergonomic Hardwood Pen
Scoring Sheet
Ergonomic Hardwood Pen
Wooden Pen

Gold Set guarantees

30-day trial

Try out Crokinole for as long as a month and if you don’t like it, let us know sooner than 30 days from arrival of your package. We will pay your money back.

97-year lifetime

We create timeless fun. This is why we guarantee that your Crokinole board will be playable for a century. We repair or replace your board if manufacturing fault is noticed.

Vanish Scratches

After thousands of gameplays, microscopic scratches are inevitable to appear on the playing surface. Our scratch removing one-time service will furbish your board

Tired of this color

Afraid of getting bored with the color you choose? Don’t worry we will replace your board once with any color you choose. You get a brand new Crokinole board.
Four guarantees are included in the price of the Gold set. We take all the risk, you get all the joy!
Your guarantees are activated with your order, no registration is required. For more details on guarantees click HERE!

Crokinole Elite Set

Product description

Crokinole is a world famous Canadian board game with simple rules and a very fast-paced gameplay!

Great fun for the family as children and adults alike will enjoy it. Everyone has the same chance to win, regardless of age, it’s all about skill. Players have to find their way into the centre hole by flicking wooden discs, take up space in the higher scoring areas and push their opponent’s discs out of them!

It can also be played in teams, with two against two to score points and try to prevent the other team from scoring. Unforgettable!

A game can be played in as little as 5 minutes, but it’s hard to stop after that many games.

The Woodestic Crokinole Elit set is fully made in Hungary, with a Crokinole game board that meets international competition standards, a unique inlaid pattern and premium quality.


total diameter: 78 cm
playground diameter: 66 cm
playground thickness: 12 mm
rim height: 40 mm

We believe that a wooden board game should be more than just a great toy. Be a masterpiece and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time!

We use only the highest quality wood to make our Woodestic Crokinole Elite boards! The edges of our Elite boards are covered with genuine leather.

The playing surface itself is made with a laser-cut inlay technique.
So our boards are perfectly seamless and provide a smooth glide. The layers of the different patterns are picked from 6 different types of wood, such as: cherry, beech, ash, oak, walnut and various exotic woods.

We apply at least 8 coats of lacquer to our boards, and polish the last coat to a high gloss for maximum playing experience.

Boards and discs are essential, but that’s not all!
Enjoy the full experience by choosing from a range of great accessories. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together three pre-packaged sets for you: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

View Game Rules: ENG | GER | FRA | HUN

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