Have fun with your kids with this 2-min dexterity game anytime, anywhere

The cherry on top is that it’s free

Have you ever heard the Three Half-Truths of Boardgames?

‘It’s great fun for the entire family’

The bigger the family, the slower the game and longer the preparation. This setback turn the great fun into family time, cursed into boredom.

Fewer game parts, fewer rules, fewer players simultaneously – this turns the family time from curse into a blessing.

There are hardly any good games besides the great classics’

The Holy Trinity of Catan-Carcassonne-Monopoly indeniably popular, but millions of games were published in the last 30 years, and msot of them are cheaper than a dinner of a 4-member family.

If you turn your attention to the free, so called ‘print and play’ games, you won’t have to grieve over your expensive board games on the shelves, thinking ‘uh, it was a waste of money to buy these’.

‘What makes a game exciting is either we can outsmart others or there is some sort of luck in it’

Competition and unpredictability are great fun-factors – but not the only ones. Other than these, the players’ dexterity can make games more exciting, because we can see ourselves become better and better in every round.

Leave the time-consuming in-game thinking behind, and replace it with fast flicking!

You don’t need another expensive board game to have a portable, easy-to-learn game to focus attention and spice up the vibe with your children.

Have fun with your kids anytime, anywhere with a cool dexterity game – to do this, you have only one job: let us introduce Flikcoin!

Learn this game in 2 minutes and play it anytime, anywhere

Raise your hand if you hate to play!

Oh well, hands are down – so you love to play, as almost 99,99% of the world. We love to have fun, but there are some problems with that.

➡️ Board games might be expensive. Premium, high-quality materials cost more. But it means they don’t fall apart in two weeks, but it also makes the price skyrocketing.

➡️ Board games might take huge places. After a while we usually need a separate shelf, later a separate cabinet for our games. We certainly not want that our games occupy our room, otherwise where would we sleep? Outside, by the doghouse?

➡️ Board games might have complicated rules and long preparation times. It doesn’t need explanation: we all suffered because preparation takes as much time as playing itself, or even more.


We said we’ll stop these incoveniences, so we designed a game, what you can download for free, it fits in your wallet, and has only 6 rules.

This is Flikcoin.


How does Flikcoin work?

In order to play with Flikcoin, you have to do two things.

First you download the rules and the game table then print them. Other than that, you’ll need a few coins for both players. You will flick those coins, you know.

The aim of the game is to flick your coins into territories on the game board so you have higher points. Who has the highest points overall, wins.

Print and play your next favourite game – here’s what you need to know about Flikcoin

Here are some important features for conscious game-finders like you:

It’s a letter-sized paper what you print out

You can play anywhere on a flat surface. Plus the entire game can fit in your wallet and can be carried to everywhere.

Two players can play together

There are two identical halves of the table, and you can play on it very similar to tennis. Plus you don’t have to wait 15 minutes to get the round back to you.

You’ll need 15 coins altogether

If you lose a ‘gamepiece’, Flikcoin will not become unusable. You just simply get another coin.

Download your first flicking print’n’play game

On BoardGameGeek (the biggest source for board game) there are 761 different print’n’play games, and millions play with them every day.

Be a part of this huge family and download your own Flikcoin now:

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