Spending time with family is always special because there is so much emotion. 

We make our games for you and your loved ones to have not only good but wonderful experiences together. 

If you are also a fan of things of eternal value, you will definitely like our boardgames.

Bringing generations together

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the older generation to find their way to the techguru youths, even within the family. Our grandparents have a lot of values that they can hardly pass on to the new generation.

But what if you could bring home a boardgame that bridges that gap and allows the youngest to enjoy it as much as the older ones, while developing them?

Overcome the time pressure

Who nowadays doesn’t feel the urge to rush? Unfortunately, most of the time we cut back on family time in order to catch up. Don’t blame yourself, but it’s worth reflecting on this and working on a more ideal schedule.

Having a game to sit down and play, even if you only have 10 minutes, can help you to always fit a shared activity into your day.

Quality and fun time together

A good game gives you a theme and dissolves inhibitions. There’s a lot of laughter.
To quote Plato: “You can learn more about others in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” 

A game that everyone is happy to sit down to, is easy to learn and fun to play is the best family therapy.

One of these amazing games is Crokinole, check out the short video to get an insight into the gaming experience



5-10 minutes is enough to play couple of games! Unlike other board games, no long preparation is needed.



Use your finger to flick your discs. There are different rules for different games, but this is the basic.


It developes fine motor skills for children. It is enjoyable for beginners and challengig for expert flickers.


Our games range from pairs up to 6 players and team play modes.

Hundreds of satisfied customers can’t be wrong

Our Costumers ordered more than 5,000 board games already, and they’ve all ended up with positive feedback.

I was very pleased with the fast service and customer support. On a suggestion, I chose a different colour combination to the one I had originally requested in the order and it turned out to be a much better match for the interior. I am delighted that my big son, who is mostly into video games, has enjoyed the carrom board from the first minute. Since it arrived he has had friends over to play with him several times.

Szilvia, Hungary

It’s so nice that really the little ones and parents and even grandparents like to get together to play around the crokinole board. It’s a super experience. We bring it out at almost all family events and it creates a great atmosphere. We love it.

No, it’s not always easy to explain to people that it is not – NOT! – a gigantic crème brûlée…

Hermann, Belgium

We revive wood, and we mean it!

We create timeless fun. All of our toys are handcrafted wooden products, made with passion and care, and continuously improved. We offer an extra long warranty and ongoing support, whether it’s for accessories or any comments about the boardgames.

Let us send you our recommendations for the best family board games of Woodestic.


If you’re still struggling, no problem!

We’re mainly into flick games, so if you’re still a little unsure. Give us your email address so we can send you our custom-designed print’n’play game and other offers to test the thrills of a flick game quickly and easily.

What do you say, are you in?