About us

Hi there! We’re glad you’ve found us!

We are willing to make the best game boards for you. We love friendly approach, so feel free to contact us.

We started to handcraft family board games in 2012. Now we have came out with two new Woodestic products, Carrom and the brand new Pitrush! We are not a factory and you are not going to get chinese import products from us. Only hungarian handmade fine game boards.

Our aim is to satify our customers, especially you!

The Woodestic Team


Peter Karcagi, founder of Woodestic trademark | peter@cogitategames.com

Peter loves board games! But not the way like others… he loves to bring a game to life, to create something new.
“Even when I was a child, me and my two younger sisters rather created several dozens of board games during summer holiday instead of playing one.”
But the exciting part came many many years later. As a grown up, Peter realized that his affection for board games is still strong. And by “coincidence” he came across a wooden board game. He was impressed how brilliant this game was.
“I wish it was my idea, but anyway I want to show it to the people who are unfamiliar with this game!”

 Enikő Karcagi, co-founder of Woodestic Crokinole | eniko@cogitategames.com

As you may guessed Enikő is Peter’s wife. They have two children. She also loves to create handmade things, likes crocheting, sewing, painting, decorating…
“I didn’t doubt for a minute to support my husband’s idea. Board games are also close to my heart, as I saw from the first steps how a piece of wood turns into a beautiful game.”

Klára Karcagi, proud member of Woodestic team as graphics designer (subcontractor) | klara@cogitategames.com

Being Peter’s sister she has always had a chance to show her creativity. Klára found his own way to express herself as a graphics designer. She is responsible for the design and web elements around Woodestic trademark that makes the games stand out from others.
If you like the style of this website check her online portfolio here: larakkadesign.hu

Oliver Ősz, proud member of Woodestic team | oliver@cogitategames.com

Oliver sees systems everywhere in the world, and likes to play with them to understand how they work.
“It’s amazing how board games can capture many different interactions between people. When I play, I try to see which parts of the game make it fun for the players, and I like to experiment with altering the rules to make it a better game.”

Anna Presics, proud member of Woodestic team | anna@cogitategames.com

Thomas Kiss, proud member of Woodestic team | thomas@cogitategames.com

Adam Novák, proud member of Woodestic team | adam@cogitategames.com